First entry

2010. január 12., kedd

Hey dears,

I decided to start a blog, this way I can organise the things I'm going through and it might be a bit interesting to some of you ^^
At first, my name is Ayano, I am a 20-year-old hungarian digital artist who would love to be professional and learn fashion photography too.

So some facts about me (to entertain myself):
  • my eyes are so blue that nobody believes me I havent edited anything on them in Photoshop
  • my biggest dream is to be a fashion photographer & designer
  • I am the girl who loves her country soo much and she still wants to leave it
  • I am a huge fan of History: mainly English and Hungarian
  • I love fashion too much and I may spend much more money on clothes + accessories than I should
  • I am a redhead and I am absolutely proud of it and adore it
  • My idols are: Victoria Frances, Alexander McQueen, Valentino Garavani, Lady Gaga
  • I love my little Nikon and I would never buy anything but Nikon <3
  • Vogue is my special bible
  • You dont have to buy any expensive thing for me to surprise me, some sweet words mean a lot more to me than some very expensive thing.
  • Robin Maxwell is the best writer in my opinion.
  • I love playing the piano and guitar (but I can't play the guitar actually)
  • In my opinion Fightstar and Within Temptation are the most inspiring bands ever. (Fightstar inspired my Floods project and WT the other artworks - almost all of them)
  • While I am doing photoshoots indoors I love listening to music, almost always we listen to David Guetta or some Fashion Show's soundtracks, those inspire me while a fashion photoshoot.
  • I love watching and taking behind the scenes photos
  • When I have a really bad day.. give me some coffee, Tudors, Desperate Housewives, Dr. House with some chocolate or cookies and it is going to turn to a good day
I guess that was enough for the first entry ^^
Take care sweethearts!

- Ayano