Flightless + behind the scenes

2010. május 28., péntek

Today I had a photoshoot with Szandra, a lovely girl I've known since I was a little kid.
We went to the "near" forest to shoot some photos of her. Well it wasnt actually near to my place, it was 3 km from my home and we walked to the location and the sun was shining so hard we were dying. Actually got sunburnt a little as well.
The forest was fine, not like in the last years. As I remembered it was a bit more tidy and now it looked like a huge mess, but I was trying to do my best and not scream because of the spiders crawling on us.


Close up, so you can see her make-up, made by me:

And the final photos:

Thanks for reading!


- Ayano

Digital arts

2010. május 24., hétfő

Digital art is my passion besides Photography, but these times I have such a little time to work on some personal manipulations. And inspiration comes rarely, and in Photography it comes frequently so I didn't care about digital arts much these days.

But I decided to sit down and listen to some inspiring music and create some lovely manipulations.

Heres the sneak peek of my last two artworks, hope you like it :)

I'm going to post them soon on DeviantArt so you can see it ^^

And a photo I just took with my love the other day:

- Ayano


2010. május 16., vasárnap

Heya everyone,

Finally my site is ready to go, you can see the trial version here:


Its going to be on ayademeter.com, but it takes time so I thought I show you this and if you observe any error please tell me!
Thank you <3

I'm also coding fightstarhun.net, and you may ask ok but whats that?
Its a lovely english band, they are a way too underrated and I have been working on their hungarian fansite to try to make them much more popular than they are now..
I will show you some screenshots of the site before I put it online

Oh and here you can listen to some of their songs if you are interested:

Their Myspace site

Its raining so hard like in this whole week so I guess I should get into some html coding

See you soon!


- Ayano

Photoshoot with Zsó, May, Budapest

2010. május 13., csütörtök

Yesterday me and my best friend (the one and only Zsó) met in Budapest to have fun on a girly day together. So I grabbed my Nikon and I took some lovely photos of her.

I was a bit disappointed in the morning I was thinking of taking some photos in the Fisherman's Bastion, - Its a lovely place and I do plan to take some photos there in the next three months - but it was raining so hard I really felt like giving up the idea of a photography chill-out day. But till the time I managed to make her hair and make-up, the sun was soo sweet and showed herself to us, however it was still cloudy a bit -but I wasnt sad, cloudy weather usually better for photos ^^

It was late to go to the Fisherman's Bastion so we went to a shopping place which roof is soo green and full with nature (:

Some behind the scenes (sorry guys I promise I'm gonna be on some photos next time)

She is so crazy.....sometimes..... :D

Really...she was playing with me, I was in hard work taking photos of her and she.... hopeless but love her <3 :D

Oh that bollard...well it was the roof of the building and she didnt dare to sit on it at first...she was afraid soo much.Fun!

Some final photos:

Thanks for reading!


- Ayano

Photoshoot with Juli, May, Budapest

2010. május 9., vasárnap

My first real post here, im sooo excited (:

The other day I had a photoshoot in Budapest with Júlia, and my assistant: Viktor.
We had so much fun...at first we were together with Juli in a shopping centre. And in front of the cinema a very weird man came to us and tried to tell me what I should do to take lovely photos and how Juli should pose. He was sort of old and omg a security guard who was talking about the assimetry of images to me and telling her to smiiilleee. Was weird really...I shouldnt forget that everybody is different ^^

Then we met with my assistant and went to the riverbank of Danube.
Budapest is divided by two parts: Buda and Pest by the river Danube. And we were in Buda, just in front of our lovely Parliament.

After that we met with my best friend Zso and we went up the hill to the Buda Castle....to take some awesome photos but it was closed due to The wine festival what was taken just this weekend there. But we wasnt that sad so we took some photos on the road up to the castle.

Some behind the scenes:

He is my assistant Viktor, he was having fun here and kind of making us laugh, poor Juli had difficulty with concentrating on posing for me.

Stupid birds...they were flying ooover us all day we were afraid they are gonna....sh** on our head :D

Well...there were nice people, like this man who were stepping in our photo just in time when Juli already stopped laughing. :)

And some final photos:

Thanks for reading!


- Ayano