2010. május 16., vasárnap

Heya everyone,

Finally my site is ready to go, you can see the trial version here:


Its going to be on ayademeter.com, but it takes time so I thought I show you this and if you observe any error please tell me!
Thank you <3

I'm also coding fightstarhun.net, and you may ask ok but whats that?
Its a lovely english band, they are a way too underrated and I have been working on their hungarian fansite to try to make them much more popular than they are now..
I will show you some screenshots of the site before I put it online

Oh and here you can listen to some of their songs if you are interested:

Their Myspace site

Its raining so hard like in this whole week so I guess I should get into some html coding

See you soon!


- Ayano

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