Photoshoot with Juli, May, Budapest

2010. május 9., vasárnap

My first real post here, im sooo excited (:

The other day I had a photoshoot in Budapest with Júlia, and my assistant: Viktor.
We had so much first we were together with Juli in a shopping centre. And in front of the cinema a very weird man came to us and tried to tell me what I should do to take lovely photos and how Juli should pose. He was sort of old and omg a security guard who was talking about the assimetry of images to me and telling her to smiiilleee. Was weird really...I shouldnt forget that everybody is different ^^

Then we met with my assistant and went to the riverbank of Danube.
Budapest is divided by two parts: Buda and Pest by the river Danube. And we were in Buda, just in front of our lovely Parliament.

After that we met with my best friend Zso and we went up the hill to the Buda take some awesome photos but it was closed due to The wine festival what was taken just this weekend there. But we wasnt that sad so we took some photos on the road up to the castle.

Some behind the scenes:

He is my assistant Viktor, he was having fun here and kind of making us laugh, poor Juli had difficulty with concentrating on posing for me.

Stupid birds...they were flying ooover us all day we were afraid they are** on our head :D

Well...there were nice people, like this man who were stepping in our photo just in time when Juli already stopped laughing. :)

And some final photos:

Thanks for reading!


- Ayano

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